Classic Cakes

All cake specialties are exclusively 6″ in our Petite Collection. Special size orders are always welcome.

Cake varieties include;

Old- Fashioned Vanilla- A moist, tender cake with an intense vanilla flavor. You’ll know this cake is made with love. Also available as a Bundt cake, dusted with powdered sugar.

Wedding Cake Style Vanilla- A dense, sweet, vanilla cake. Perfect for syrup additions such as Lemon and Coconut.

Classic White Cake- A delectable, light cake. Lovely for any occasion.

Double Chocolate- Sweet and delicate with a rich chocolate flavor. Paired with chocolate ganache or silky chocolate buttercream.

Carrot- Your new favorite Carrot Cake! Perfectly spiced and flavored with a tangy, sweetened cream cheese frosting.

Cheesecake- Rich and elegant cheesecake with a sweetened graham cracker crust. Topped with Raspberry, Blueberry or mixed fresh fruit.

Red Velvet- Made into a beautiful Bundt or created as a traditional style layer cake. Our Red velvet is moist and wonderfully flavored, paired with Chocolate Ganache or rich Cream Cheese frosting.